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The third Fujian Strait Mechanical Industry Expo press conference
  Edit:Yongfeng      Time:2012-11-27    View:1557

On October 23rd, the Information Office of the provincial government held a press conference, announced the third cross-strait Machinery Industry Expo related preparations. Reportedly, the fair will be opened in Longyan in November 8th, fair activities rich in content, highlight the professional characteristics, around the " channel " and " mechanical " theme, complete arrangement of the third two sides of the Taiwan Straits in small and medium-sized projects matchmaking, the automobile industry development forum, Longyan City Mechanical Industry Supply and demand of talent exchange, the first Longyan Taiwan special commodity trading and other activities. On the meeting, concerned leader to answer a reporter’s question, the following is a question and answer record.

Reporter: in this year’s economic situation is grim situation, Longyan city was adopted which helps machinery enterprise development measures?

The third cross-strait Machinery Industry Expo Longyan city committee vice chairman and secretary general, Longyan Municipal People’s government deputy mayor Zhang Siliang:

Since last year, the global economic situation is very grim, Longyan is not exceptional also, the industry of Longyan is also influenced by the external situation, since last year, Longyan’s industrial and industrial development, Longyan city has abundant off give aid to policy, first introduced 11 policy, a table of 6 policy, we called " 11+6 ", this year continue to cite. In this situation, the first half of the Longyan city hall to increase strength appeared to support industrial steady growth in the " 12" policy, these policies to support the development of local industry, to alleviate the burden of enterprises played a certain role in promoting and supporting. At the same time we have a number of key enterprises have some case support, such as engineering machinery enterprises Chinese dragon, our case to its increment and market development aspects of the support, hope this enterprise to cast off predicament, walk on. In addition, the provincial government policy guidance, for some products, we also make some case arrangement. But this year because of the economic downturn of the situation is still not completely bottomed out, so the development of enterprise is still difficult for, Longyan city hall will also continue to pay attention to these phenomena, to the enterprise to give more help and support, to tide over the difficulties.

Reporter: " cross-strait Machinery Industry Fair " to develop me to save industry of machinery and equipment have He effect?

Fujian Province Economic and trade commission chief engineer Tang Yafei:

Hold in Longyan " cross-strait Machinery Industry Exposition ", one can give full play to our regional equipment industrial base advantage, on the other hand can accelerate Fujian stage machinery industry cooperation, make full use of Taiwan machinery equipment technology research strengths, including Taiwan’s CNC machine tools, woodworking machinery, food machinery, textile machinery and so on, these and our Fujian province industry is closely related to the number of. In addition through the Expo actively introduce Taiwan advanced technology, and mechanical equipment industry based technology and processes, including heat treatment, casting and so on, the introduction of Taiwan’s advanced agriculture machinery technology, to develop me to save agriculture machinery manufacturing industry. At the same time through exposition of further perfect our province equipment manufacturing base in the cooperation system, strengthen and Taiwan Association of communication and contact, and strengthen and large domestic equipment business communication links, to promote large-scale production equipment arrived in Fujian, Fujian province to promote the whole equipment industry development.

Reporter: Longyan introduced a number of policies to support the development of machinery industry, is the office of foreign trade and economic measures taken to increase pair of Longyan machinery industry give aid to strength?

Foreign Trade Department of Fujian industry director Xie Jinshi:

Foreign trade and economic cooperation office as host one of the units, the relevant divisions have attached great importance to and support of cross-strait Machinery Industry Expo, foreign economic and trade department played in foreign exchange and trade advantages, in the foreign investment and the breeze played a due role. On the fund policy, office of trade of the classics outside industry of dragon and dragon net and other leading enterprises in Longyan, in the export have given the considerable preferential policies as in the past, we will support Longyan city run this show, I hope Longyan engineering machinery, environmental protection equipment and the whole car exports, become me to save foreign trade to export the important economy point of growth.

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